“Lets talk about depression”
– Anukriti Sharma & Amrita Prasad.

“Conversation is the key”
A lot of people shy away from talking about depression, owing to their inhibitions and the fear of being judged. But is everyone’s opinion more important than your own health? Well, that is a question worth pondering over. According to Parul Khona, Pune-based counselor and psychotherapist, “Depression is not something you feel for a day, it is not like a regular Monday blues.

It is far more serious. The early signs could be that you don’t feel like getting out of bed or that you are not enjoying anything that is happening around you. Depression means everything in your life is going great, yet you feel low. You may feel sick and go to the doctor who will ask you to do a regular blood test done but you need to visit a psychotherapist when it is important. Youngsters suffer from depression, which is mostly self-made because they are looking for instant gratification in life.

They start comparing themselves to everyone around prompting them to constantly judge themselves. They then start turning to an addiction of some sort, which of course hampers their health and state of mind. But that is not all; there is also clinical depression. It creates a hormonal and chemical imbalance in the body, which calls for immediate and proper medication and extensive counseling.”