To respect privacy, names have not been disclosed.


There comes a time in your life when every single person you once thought will be your strength breaks you to pieces and there is no place left to go. At such times all you can do is pray for is an angel to come from heaven and take away your baggage of sorrows. I too needed an angel to heal my broken heart.

And GOD sent his angel in the form of Mrs. Parul Khona to help me cope through some of my most troublesome times. So if you too have landed at her doorstep in search of answers to your questions then surely your prayers have been answered. You have landed at the right place. When there was no place left to go and all I could see were dark clouds of sorrow in the skies of my life, she helped me to see the silver linings behind each cloud. And soon there were rays of sunlight brightening up my life. All thanks to her guidance.

Just before I was about to lose all faith in myself and in humanity, she held my hand and told me that she was there for me even if no one else was there. Understanding me like no one ever could, she guided me each day through my troubles and trials. She removed weeds of pain and sowed flowers of joy in the garden of my life. She taught me to live life, and not merely exist! She helped me find happiness, not in the world outside, but within myself. Which is an eternal kind of happiness I have experienced. With a supportive and extremely non-biased approach, she showed me what’s right and wrong. Where my fault lies and where I deserve justice. She built my faith in my self and gave me the courage to face life with its challenges. She gave me the confidence to achieve my dreams and not let futile fears come in the way of my success. She taught me to be grateful for the good things life has given me, to be patient and to look at the thorns and see the rose. And most important she taught me to love myself. Which once seemed impossible, she proved it possible. At a very young age, when I had lost all hopes of finding happiness in my life, she made me realize how beautiful life is and that there is so much happiness to experience in life. What I lacked was the vision. And she gave me that vision. Today I feel much younger than what I am and much more positive than what I was. Thanks to her efforts. Her efforts to heal each and every client of hers cannot go unnoticed. Unlike many other, she takes our troubles as her own and then guides us how to deal with them. An injured mind is the worst injury a human body can have. And to heal it is extremely essential. You cannot live peacefully with an injured mind. And consulting a psychologist like Mrs. Parul is the best medicine for an injured mind. Mrs. Parul is the best friend, philosopher and guide one can ever have.

We do not need answers to all our questions in life. The only question we need an answer to is – how to live life? And you will find that answer with Mrs. Parul Khona. Any ones who feel the world is not a good place to live in must meet this extremely positive and beautiful human being who will change your opinion and prove you wrong. I hope and pray that she continues to heal as many injured minds as possible. And that she receives a million times more happiness than what she gives others. May peace be to every heart and mind.


My husband and me have been married for 10 years and we’ve been in love throughout but just lately we were having problems financially and it was leading to major disagreements. Faults were coming up in our relationship slowly. We decided to go meet a counselor,  Parul Khona, and we’ve had three sessions with her till date and I have to say that her advice and outlook towards the problem has been so realistic that not only has our relationship become much better and stronger than it ever was, but we’ve also changed as individuals. She has changed our lives!


I’m 17 and for around 2 years i’ve been into bad habits that have affected my health and body. All my relationships were breaking and I had gone into depression. My mother found a person I could talk to and who could help me out. I’ve met counselor Parul Khona a couple of times in this month and more than a counselor, she has treated me like a friend. A friend so close that I’ve been completely open with her so easily, and like all the other people around who just shut me up because I’m doing something wrong, she heard me out and had a very radical approach towards my lifestyle. She helped me realize my potential, and went to the root of my problem. She has a wonderful insight of reading through the lines and understanding how the mind works. I have not felt so close to anyone in a long time and I’m so thankful that I met her because today my life is back on track, and I’m standing firm on my own feet all thanks to my friend, my counselor, Parul Khona.


My life had become completely worthless. I didn’t want to wake up every morning, I didn’t want to face the world or even my servant, I didn’t know what to do and how to handle myself until I met Psychotherapist Parul Khona. I’m 49 and my children study abroad. When I met her, I felt like somebody was finally bothered about me. I’ve met other counselors but I’ve never felt this warmth with anybody else. She made me feel like I was her own because she genuinely wanted to make me better. She told me I was suffering from the empty-nest syndrome and that it’s not something incurable. Women my age who are left at home without their children, and have to stand back on their feet again find it very difficult to cope with for some time. She has made me speak about so many experiences and hobbies that I’ve had in the past and never did I realize that she was bringing the spark within me again. She was so subtle about her therapy that i never even felt ashamed of visiting a counselor. Rather it felt like I was on a date with one of my girlfriends! All the sessions with her were slowly bringing me back to life and I wanted to live! I wanted to do something every day, and I picked up dancing again. I’ve started dancing, and I’ve started meeting people, cooking at home, watching movies and just enjoying every second of my life! She made me understand that a passion is something that drives a person. And I found mine, all over again, because of an angel in disguise. I’ll be forever grateful.


My parents fixed my marriage 2 years back, and it was not against my choice so I was happy. When I got married, started spending some more time with my husband, months passed and we were not getting along. All along we thought we weren’t a perfect match for each other and that he was not trying hard enough to understand me. Things started getting worse, we started fighting everywhere, every day. Neither of us wanted to take the blame, and this is why we decided to meet a counselor. To give it one last try, and when we met counselor and psychotherapist Parul Khona, she spoke to us individually, gathered our perspectives, and then spoke to us together.

She told us that there was no problem in the relationship, but that I was suffering from BPD (Borderline personality disorder) To be completely sure, she took a test and the results said that I was suffering from this.

After that, Parul mam called me for a few solo sessions and the amount of hard work and diligence she put into me was life-changing. She called my husband too, asked him to support me and that I’ll be okay in no time. Slowly slowly, after many exercises, and constant motivation, I was almost perfect. My relationship has become better than before and we have scope for understanding now. I’m so happy that I chose her because not only did she save my marriage, but saved me too.


Today I can’t express how happy I am. The only thing that scared me in my life was as trivial as a lizard.

Scared to an extent that I could not even breathe properly or touch a plastic one. Today, I am holding a fake lizard and I am totally fine. So happy that I cannot find the right words to express it.
Dr. Parul Khona is really professional, warm and immaculate with her therapy. She has a great understanding towards how to deal with a phobia and she has helped me in so many ways. It took me 29 years to get over this fear.

I can’t thank her enough. She’s the best in my eyes.
– S Halani.


Psychology, more than a profession or degree or course or studying, it is understanding and realizing which requires empathy, compassion and experience. I visited psychotherapist Parul Khona and she has been my perfect psychologist who could crack down the entire problem and prescribe a solution right away.

It feels a lot better. I was going through some emotional distress where my experience was hindering my wisdom to open up. The emotions were deep suppressed. She helped me out and her ways were quite simple to follow, no complex or impractical stuff. She has her own way of executing things that are very natural so it feels good and comfortable. Just simply being.

Thank you so much.
Would like to remain anonymous.