“Ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, people talk about how parents must communicate with their children and make them feel loved.” – Better late than never.
– Anukriti Sharma.

“Challenges like these usually target kids who are weak-minded and in constant need for validation. They feel like they have to prove something to people by winning these games. Their inquisition instigates them to look out for these games.

Parents are usually the two people knowing the personality of their children well and therefore must have conversations with them every now and then. As parents, our focus only remains on anticipating the wrong things our child must be doing. At this age, a child needs care and must be taught some self-love. Children are often bullied in school but as parents, we would never get to know these things. So you need to look out for simple signs and engage in conversations with children for their mental and psychological well being.

You can simply observe how either your child is going overboard with things or has isolated himself/herself. Both are extreme behaviors exhibited by people going through a tough time. Parents should try to find out what and if needed, take them to a counselor or a psychiatrist.

Conversation is the key.”

– Parul Khona, Counsellor.
Sakal Times Tuesday – 05/09/17