Welcome! This is the first step towards giving your life a Positive Change.

I am a Psychologist-Therapist and Counsellor in Pune, my mission is to:

  • Provide insight and guidance towards improving your emotional well being.
  • Help you to gauge and enhance your abilities, be it in professional, social and interpersonal situations.
  • Guide you to empower yourself with problem solving tools which will help in improving your lifestyle.

Parul Khona (M.S.)
Counsellor & Psychotherapist

The strength of the mind is one of the most powerful gifts that people have. And keeping your mind positive and strong is not always easy.

As a Psychologist and Counsellor in Pune, I provide guidance in situations which might be difficult. I help in enabling you to enhance the quality of your life through a holistic manner of positive thinking and problem solving. And for this I provide a safe, nurturing and confidential environment; a place where I can listen to you and help you find your way.

What to expect from me:

I am a Counsellor / Psychologist / Psycho-therapist, who understands that the mental well-being of an individual is as important as being physically healthy. I provide support and therapy to help people face their challenges in a productive and positive manner.

With years of experience, I counsel people and help them realise what is standing in the way of their goals. My passion for my profession has led me to areas such as interpersonal relationships, family matters, marriage and counselling for psychological issues.

My areas of specialty:

Corporate Counselling

  • Managing Interpersonal Conflict at work
  • Learning to manage Work related Stress
  • Learning to help each other at work (Team Spirit) to achieve Company’s objectives
  • Improving Interpersonal communication ability, to help eliminate unnecessary conflicts.
  • Inspiring and Motivating individuals to deliver their best at work.
  • “Employee Assistance Program”: Help employees’ with their personal issues that adversely impact their work performance: Overcome Anxiety, Depression, low self-esteem, and/or low Self-confidence.

Parul in the News

Pre-Marriage & Marriage Counselling

Marriage is one of the most important events in someones life. It may sound like a long lasting road to happiness; however, it isn’t as simple as that. As a client once told me “When I got married, I was looking for an ideal, but I married an ordeal and now I want a new deal.”
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Tackling Fears and Phobias

Almost everyone has something that they are scared of such as water, heights, intimacy, low self-esteem, animals, public speaking, crowded places, and relationships to name a few. Often enough these fears/phobias in reality pose no actual threat, but they can become so severe and can cause extreme anxiety.
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Family & Joint Family Conflicts

Family is the most important aspect of our lives and having a strong relationship with your parents, siblings and so on is extremely beneficial to a happy life. However, every family has its fair share of issues and sometimes if these issues are not addressed, they can lead to larger and more bitter conflicts.
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Parent-Child Teenage Issues

Children are a source of joy in everyone’s life but parenting is never an easy task and bringing up kids is quite tough. The psychological well-being and growth of child is extremely important as this will only help them make better decisions as adults.
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Dealing with Emotional Disorders such as Anxiety, Stress, Anger & Depression

Often enough, people have to deal with various issues, be it at work or at home. A lot of times these issues are difficult to deal with and therefore lead to problems such as stress, anxiety, anger and depression.
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Psychological Problems

Psychological problems can be caused due to a variety of issues and are often ignored. People often go to doctors for physical ailments, but not for mental help. Issues such as OCD, Bipolar disorder, personality disorders are often ignored.
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